Staff and Teachers

City of dreams!GREG WHITE- Greg is the owner of Bikram Yoga Rancho Cucamonga. Greg attended Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Spring 2009 in Palm Desert.
“I can still remember my first class and how hot it was. I just couldn’t understand how so many people were moving so effortlessly in that heat. After class I felt like a new person, had a new energy, and knew my life would be changed forever. It was at that time in my life I made a promise that I would somehow figure out a way that I could share this gift with as many people as I could reach”. I hope Bikram Yoga has the same positive influence in your life that it has had on mine.


alexpicALEX ORNELAS- Alex started teaching yoga July 2009 after practicing for 3 ½ years. She knew she wanted to teach yoga after her first year of practicing because she was so inspired by the teachers, how they motivated people to love themselves and wanted to be up there, teaching as well. Alex has found that Yoga helps you become one with yourself as the practice centers your concentration on the breath to move you through the class. The postures are a tool to help you move into stillness and once you can find peace in a difficult posture the pose can yield a great benefit. Yoga helps you find balance, strength and flexibility as well as quiets the mind. Many people find it is very helpful in relieving stress. Alex enjoys the feeling she gets after completing the class and enjoys the pure serenity and stillness. While she practices yoga she feels balanced, strong and confident. Alex practices all types of yoga, but Bikram Yoga will always be her favorite. The hot room allows for safer stretching and the heat causes profuse sweating which aids in removal of toxins from the body. Alex has been certified by the Bikram Yoga College of India in the spring session 2009, Palm Desert. This intense boot camp style teacher training included twice a day, 90minute classes in the hot room along with lectures on anatomy.

sharonchristian (99)SHARON COLALONGO- Sharon has been practicing Bikram yoga since 2001 when she accidentally stumbled into her first yoga class in West Seattle. Sharon attended training in Las Vegas and received her certification in 2009.
“Discovering the practice was an eye opening experience

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and over time has given me a clearer understanding of my mind and body. Practicing on a regular basis helps me balance the daily stresses we all experience with work and at home. It is also a vital part of my natural coping mechanism during physically demanding times like pregnancy and labor. Bikram yoga has become my reset button, enabling me to clear my thoughts and give more of myself when I leave the hot room. It has been a true pleasures helping others navigate their own personal yoga experience”.






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